I was born in Florida to Cuban-American parents who came to this country without much more than the clothes on their bodies. They fled a Communist Castro regime and a lack of justice in order to provide me and my siblings a better life. For this, I will always cherish them and look upon them as heroes. They provided me the opportunity to secure an education. I was the only one to go to law school in my family, and my parents were very proud. For this reason, I founded the Pineyro Education Foundation.

I live in Celebration, Florida, with my wife, Amy, and our twin daughters, Kaiya and Camila. I am active in my local church and community, and proudly serve on several not-for-profit Boards, including Angel Flight Southeast, Mercy Flight, Central Florida Brain Injury Association, and the Kissimmee Airport Authority.

Education builds hope, creates confidence and therefore, attracts opportunity. I believe that we are most effective when we work together with people in the community to achieve the shared impact we all desire. We are focused on changing lives in children and bringing hope to America’s future.