Our programs have the following goals in mind:  To inspire Stewardship, Service and Success. 

Our foundation’s core belief is rooted in the belief that education is the springboard of opportunity in America. We believe that all children should have access and the opportunity to attain a post-secondary education. The National Center for Education Statistics has shown that young adults with higher educational attainment was associated with higher incomes. We support not only our local public colleges and universities, but also local career, technical and vocational schools as well.

Children should be given the opportunity to build a bright future, and we are here to provide to support that they need to be successful. Without an educated and skilled workforce, businesses cannot prosper. Communities depend on skilled, talented and capable individuals who contribute to the betterment of their infrastructure and foundation.

Pineyro Education Foundation Programs

Pineyro Education Foundation Programs

The Pineyro Education Foundation is designed to:

  • To help students by giving them the inspiration, motivation and mentoring they need to succeed in whatever field they desire to pursue.
  • To provide scholarships to high school seniors with a demonstrated commitment to further their education beyond high school.
  • To prepare those who choose not to go to college to be ready to become productive members of society upon graduation through financial assistance to attend career and technical centers.
  • To provide scholarships to adults attending the Technical Education Center in Osceola county.
  • And finally, to affect REAL change in our community.