For many years, Johnny Pineyro, founder of the Pineyro Education Foundation, has felt the call to serve. Giving back to his community was always a passion, but giving back to the men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces was a necessity. Johnny_P_April2015_FINAL

Most recently, Pineyro answered a request from Veterans Airlift Command (VAC) to fly Retired Army SSG Brian Mast to Washington, D.C. for a defense conference. Mast was a member of the Joint Special Operations Command fighting in Afghanistan when his career was cut short by a catastrophic injury. Despite losing both legs, Mast continues to fight for his country through defense related projects. “Meeting SSG Mast was an honor,” Pineyro said. “Against all odds, he’s still fighting – he’s still positive. He represents the best of America. He’s also an example for us in terms of our work at the Pineyro Education Foundation. His warrior spirit inspires us to never give up.”

To learn more about our partnerships with our military brothers and sisters, contact our office.